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Postponement of re-opening is “failure of Government policy”: Tóibín 

Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD has stated that any postponement of reopening society on the 22nd of October is a failure of Government policy.

Government Ministers are busy preparing people for a postponement of the promised relaxation of restrictions. This will be an incredible hit for the hospitality sector that has been on life support for 20 months. Its also shocking that up to 400,000 people now face semi-permanent segregation and discrimination in their daily lives,” he said.

“The question has to be asked, with 100% of the over 70s vaccinated and 92% of the adult population vaccinated why is the Covid rate so much higher here than in countries such as Denmark who are far more open, have no vaccine cert and less vaccination. The key difference between the two countries is Rapid Antigen Testing,” the Meath West TD claimed.

“Denmark has been rolling out hundreds of thousands of these every week while this government has refused to deliver”.

“A vaccinated person can get Covid and transmit the illness in hospitality. A tested person does not have the illness and can’t transmit it. Yet the former can circulate in hospitality and the latter cant. This is insane. For at least 12 months Government TDs have stated on every platform that they favour antigen testing yet they refused to action it. This is massively frustrating. Its also dangerous  to life and health. Inaction in antigen testing has reduced capacity in health care and has meant in part that Ireland is an extreme outlier in costly restrictions,” he said.

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