You Can Cook Too 12 – Cheat’s Sherry Trifle

Patricia shows you how to make a quick and easy sherry trifle, which must be served in a glass bowl.

She pairs it with Hank William’s song Your Cheating Heart.


Ingredients and Instructions

Serves 6-8

Maderia cake (about ½ of a shop bought cake)

8 ozs (225g) best raspberry jam melted or unmelted

5 fl.ozs. (150 mls.) sherry (dry, medium or sweet)

15 fl.ozs (425 mls) double cream whipped

2-3 tablespoons fresh fruit to match the jam

Custard: 1½ pints (845 mls) packet/tin of premade custard

Garnish: 1 ozs. (25 gms. flaked almonds) – I like mine toasted

Sugared flower petals (Optional – white rose petals dipped in egg white and

dredged with caster sugar, leave to dry on non-stick parchment for 24 hours)

Pomegranate seeds or a cluster of fresh fruit in the centre

Put the sliced or broken up cake into a GLASS bowl and up the sides. Pour the jam over it so that it runs down between the cracks in the cake base. Put the fruit over it, then sherry and then the custard. Pick the base with a fork to ensure that the sherry and custard seep down. Chill, then cover with whipped cream. I refer the cream to look rough rather than flat. Decorate with toasted almonds and pomegranate seeds. You could also put a bunch of fruit in the middle. It looks great. It doesn’t need any pouring cream.

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