PODCAST: MANIA ON WALL STREET: Dr Alden Cass is interviewed by John Aidan Byrne

PODCAST: Listen to John Aidan Byrne, Irish commentator based in New York, interview Dr Alden Cass, therapist for CEOs and Stock traderrs



MANIA ON WALL STREET: Dr. Alden Cass, therapist for CEOs and stock traders, fears a financial bubble as irrational exuberance returns amidst social isolation and pandemic mental health upheaval.

In this age of the pandemic shutdowns, life has turned a new corner for Dr. Alden Cass. Dr. Cass, a therapist for CEOs and Wall Street traders, is president of Competitive Streak Consulting (CSC) in New York City. With the Federal Reserve  flooding the US economy with trillions of dollars, buying back corporate bonds and other debt – and Uncle Sam releasing stimulus checks to help struggling Americans –  Dr. Cass sees starling signs of mass mania on Wall Street. In this podcast, he dives deep on how the Covid-19 economy is reshaping mental and financial health, presenting unique challenges because of social isolation. Dr. Cass is author of Bullish Thinking.

Pairing his work as a clinical psychologist and performance coach, Dr. Cass says he assists individuals, groups, teams, and firms in identifying and correcting self-defeating behaviors and emotions before they hamper productivity and job satisfaction. Through the use of personalized performance coaching, phone coaching sessions, educational, motivational, and specialized lectures, modules, profiling assessments and workshops, Dr. Cass says he has inspired clients on a world wide scale and help them to achieve optimal levels of work performance. This episode is not an endorsement of Dr. Cass’ practice.





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