PODCAST: John Aidan Byrne on the International Gift of Life walk in New York


ROE V WADE: As the landmark pro-choice Supreme Court decision moves closer to repeal, pro-life crowds gathered at NYC’s International Gift of Life Walk to make their voices heard

Large numbers of pro-lifers – secular and people of many faiths – gathered in New York City late March to be heard in a state with one of the most permissive abortion laws in America. They came from many parts to join the Sixth Annual International Gift of Life Walk in lower Manhattan on a bright sunny day. Personhood NY, founded and led by Dawn Eskew, organizes this yearly pro-life event in New York City. (The affiliated Personhood Education NY (PENY) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization, tax exempt, and registered with New York State Charities Bureau.)

The original success of the pro-life walk is a bit ironic. It was triggered, in large part, by a shocking decision of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade to exclude Personhood from marching with its banner in the annual parade celebrating St. Patrick, the Catholic faith and Irish American heritage. Eskew was stunned by the parade organizers decision to exclude her group, given the parade’s embrace of Catholic values. “It was very controversial,” she says.

According to its website, Personhood Education New York, Inc., is faith based and Christ centered, but is open to working with all people for the cause of life.  Personhood explains: “We hold that a human being is that which is created in the image of God, which we affirm to be permanently present at the moment of conception. This implies that all human beings from the moment of conception to natural death maintain certain rights inherent to personhood which no human authorities, in the case of all innocent persons, are permitted to revoke.”

Adds this faith-based Personhood organization: “We hold that in Christ laying claim on all power and authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18) He alone has authority over life and death, and so it is not only a crime against humanity but an assault against the supremacy of Christ for any person or institution to claim rights over the life and death of persons.”






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