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Peter Tatchell slammed for ‘Bravo’ tweet supporting abortion, assisted suicide, prostitution

Controversial activist Peter Tatchell has been slammed online for cheering ‘Bravo’ to the UK’s acceptance of abortion, assisted dying and prostitution.

Most responses to the campaigner’s tweets seemed hostile to his comments.

“Not sure casual sex, prostitution and abortion are things to shout about… ? Am I missing something” was one response.

“What a weird selection of things to celebrate,” was another.

“Not one of those things is good for society. It just promotes chaos, confusion, abuse and sky rocketing STD’s. But as you say “ live and let live!” Except the vulnerable, voiceless, unborn and the sick,” wrote another woman.

Tatchell was referring to data from the Policy Institute analysis of World Values Survey data which showed Britain’s acceptance of abortion and assisted suicide (which is still illegal), casual sex and divorce had increased.

The poll showed some 47% of Britons thought abortion and assisted suicide were justified, ranking it amongst the “most socially liberal” of the countries in Europe.

But many people took issue with what they saw as Tatchell’s cheering of actions which end lives – and then posting ‘Live and Let live’ after his ‘Bravo!’.

“Wow. You think it’s something to be proud of. I thought it was a parody then realised the other stuff you’ve said,” one woman wrote.

“‘[L]ive and let live’ says Peter, whilst advocating a philosophy that says ‘live and let die’!” was another comment.

Many of the responses made references to the enduring controversies around statements made by Tatchell regarding sex with children.

A video interview of Tatchell’s posted by gay rights group, LGB, was shared in response to his tweet.

Tatchell says that his Guardian letter “was edited but it still says sex with children is “impossible to condone”. This means I oppose and condemn it.”

An investigation by Gript in 2020 shows that there were at least four instances of concern around Tatchell’s public statements and actions regarding sex with children which “deserve to be examined in far more detail than they have been so far”:

Tatchell’s 1997 letters (one seen above) to the Guardian to defend the pro-paedophilia book Dares to Speak;

The obituary he wrote for Ian Campbell Dunn, one of the founders of the Paedophile Information Exchange [PIE];

A chapter he wrote in a book called Betrayal of Youth [BOY], which was edited by a man who had been the vice-chair of PIE;

And an interview (seen above) with a 14 year old former prostitute which he posted on his website in 2011.


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