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‘People will die’: The most hysterical reactions to losing Twitter blue checks

A great many journalists – and politicians and celebrities – are very, very, very upset at losing their blue checks on Twitter, and being asked to pay €8 a month to have the privilege reinstalled.

Some of the outrage seems to be about having to pay for a (verified) presence on social media, but its likely also a reaction to feeling, for once, outside the establishment, or the golden circle, to which all these people belong for having all the right opinions.

MSNBC ridiculously said the move was going to cause a “lot of heartache”.

CNN said that it was a ‘purge’ even though all the accounts of ‘journalists, academics and some celebrities’ all remained – just the blue checks had gone.

Here’s journalist Julie Melner: maybe its a parody, she couldn’t be serious, could she?

And this Irish journalist says if you pay for a blue check you are likely insane.

Other journalists also did not take the news well.

Fintan O’Toole of the Irish Times seemed to think that Elon Musk was relying on him to boost traffic on Twitter.

It wasn’t just journalists of course, lots of politicians and ‘celebs’ are also absurdly upset. Here’s Bette Midler having a meltdown.

And Alyssa Milano wailed that Musk might be liable for defamation if someone pretended to be her and ‘said a bunch of bullshit.’

And the ever-reliable AOC lamenting the ability of wealthy politicians and government departments to pay $8 a month.

Anyway, it was a ‘grab the popcorn’ moment for most people who don’t give a toss about blue checks one way or the other.

And others argued that the new system worked better.


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