PBP candidate who admitted to selling drugs accused of assaulting prominent Sinn Fein activist

People Before Profit candidate Joe Loughnane, running in Galway West, has been accused of assaulting Roisin Bowyer, a prominent Sinn Fein activist in the city.

Ms Bowyer took to Twitter to post a series of photos which she said showed the aftermath of Mr Loughnane spitting on her and breaking her phone when she refused to give him the password to the device.


We reached out to Mr Loughnane for comment on the alleged assault, but at time of print we’d received no reply. Mr Loughnane did deny on Twitter that he had touched Ms Bowyer, before saying that if he did push or touch her he ‘was sorry’ and that he wished to apologize for “extremely bad behaviour”.

Mr Loughnane has previously been recorded admitting that he had been involved in the sale and supply of drugs in the city, saying that he had “sorted a lot of drugs for a lot of people in this city”. People Before Profit were informed of the recording but Mr Loughnane remained their candidate for the constituency afterwards.

After Mr Loughnane was made aware of the recording of him saying he was involved in the supply of drugs he stated he could not remember making those statement as he was “verging on black-out” drunk. Mr Loughnane has also previously admitted to using cocaine, having been recorded saying “If I’m taking coke, what the fuck is that to you? Judging me for taking a bit of coke? Fuck you. Judging me for coke? Fuck ye.”

Following Gript’s reporting of his statements on drugs Mr Loughnane threatened to sue the author of the piece, telling him that he knew where the author lived. No legal proceedings have yet been initiated. That piece, which details Joe’s statements in full and includes part of the recording, can be read HERE.

Ms Bowyer recently came to media attention herself when she assaulted National Party leader Justin Barrett as he held a public meeting in Galway.

UPDATE: The National Women’s Council of Ireland has responded to this story by removing Joe Loughnane from its list of candidates supporting feminist policies.

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