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PayPal Hong Kong Suspends Service to Pro-Democracy Group LSD

‘Our decision is final’- Paypal

Honk Kong based pro democracy group ‘League of Social Democrats’ has released a statement saying Paypal Hong Kong have withdrawn service from the group due to ‘excessive risks’. 

The group has said it received a document from Paypal saying, ​​“upon review of your account we have determined there to be excessive risks involved. This matter has been reviewed at length, and our decision is final.” 

LSD is one of the few pro-democracy groups still vocal in Hong Kong since mainland China’s enforcement of a so-called ‘national security law’. 

HKFP reports that in June 2020 Beijing directly inserted this law into HK’s mini constitution “bypassing the local legislature – following a year of pro-democracy protests and unrest.”

The laws criminalised “subversion, secession, collusion with foreign forces and terrorist acts, which were broadly defined to include disruption to transport and other infrastructure.” 

Speaking to Marketing Interactive LSD vice-chair,  Dickson Chow Ka Fat,  said that the group had been using several different platforms to collect donations, and that Paypal HK’s decision had “not made huge impact on us” , adding that, ‘this would lead to newer styles of obstacles for running a pro-democratic group in Hong Kong,”. 

Earlier this week Paypal saw its stock drop 8.83% as thousands parted ways with the company over its now ‘withdrawn’ misinformation policy.

Paypal had updated its acceptable user agreement to allow the online transactions giant to fine customers $2,500 a time for ‘misinformation’. 

As Gript previously reported the company’s terms of service agreement still allows it to issue fines of $2,500 at Paypal’s ‘sole discretion’ for unspecified acts including promotion of” “discriminatory” “intolerance” and “promotion of hate”. 

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