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Paul Murphy: barbaric to kill hares, not so much unborn babies. 

Trotskyist TD and soi disant, and indeed physically distanced, “anti fascist” Paul Murphy has introduced yet another private members bill to ban hare coursing by muzzled dogs. He described it as “cruel, barbaric and outdated.” A bit like socialism you might say.

Of course his concern for small furry chaps might be taken with more sincerity were it not for the enthusiasm of himself and the other ultra leftists who are sponsoring this Bill for killing the unborn. Not to mention their attachment to the bloody creed of Marxism which began not with Stalin but with Trotsky, Lenin and the other déclassé spawn of the Russian lesser nobility.

Tiny numbers of hares are killed during coursing each year, Even opponents estimate it at no more than 15. Those who are familiar with the creatures from real life rather than television regard them as part of a rural ecology that is more under threat from the urban expansion beloved of the left, than their millennia old foes of the canine variety.

The traditional ways of controlling populations are acknowledged by those familiar with such matters as an effective means which ensures that wild creatures such as hares continue to thrive – much as in the same way that there would be very few horses were it not for horse racing. It is argued that hare coursing and the role of the coursing clubs constitutes, as does hunting, a means of avoiding systemic and often inefficient culling on a much greater scale in terms of animals killed.

Murphy’s Bill apart from the virtual signalling is obviously an attempt to embarrass the Greens and Sinn Féin, if that is even possible any more. The Greens are totally opposed to coursing, and the Shinners as they come to be dominated by the sort of people who would have been in the Greens or the far left parties not so long ago, will also experience a great moral dilemma which the vast majority of them mocked when it came to other republicans’ objections to abortion.

Apart from that, being opposed to hare coursing for the ultra left is of a piece with their disdain for “the gah,” nationalism, Catholicism, the “erse” lingo, white privilege and any other obscurantist residue of what has prevented us joining in a brotherhood of universal equality with cloth capped mill workers from cultural hubs like Macclesfield who follow real football, as it was defined by Coppinger on one of her diatribes against “bogball” and “stick fighting.” Bad enough being a member of the bourgeoisie affecting to be one of the Proles and not talking proper without having to deal with all that peasant stuff.

Murphy and the other Trots may or not be aware that St. Leon himself was a big fan of shooting furry lads, especially bears. In his autobiography My Life Trotsky describes how he spent his days off from killing other socialists by “hunting for game” which he declared “acts on the mind as a poultice does on a sore.”

By that stage, following the Bolshevik coup against the democratic revolution of February 1917 and victory in the Civil War, Trotsky, Lenin and the boys could live the lives of country gentlemen. In the dachas which they had stolen from people they had murdered or sent to the camps. Class enemies obviously, like the bears.

During the Red Terror known as ‘War Communism’ that was the creature of Trotsky’s murderous imagination any peasant who might have killed one of their own animals to eat, never mind a wild rabbit, was guilty of stealing from the Workers Republic. Stalin merely donned Trotsky and Lenin’s bold stained cloak when he won the Party feud and let loose another wave of thugs who roamed the countryside eating other peoples food while they starved to death by the millions.

So, pardon me and my Tipperary antecedents if I disdain to be lectured on hare coursing or anything else under the sun by devotees of Trotsky who are devoted to bringing their murderous ideology on us again.

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