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Now that she’s an adult, is it okay to disagree with Greta Thunberg?

Thunberg says our time is running out.

I once saw a former colleague from a time past sharing a snippet of a speech by Sweden’s very own Gnome of Doom, Greta Thunberg, saying how great she was. 

At the time I remember wondering how it was possible for an adult to take her seriously. All she was doing, after all, was shouting at politicians: That’s the kind of thing anyone can do, but only a child can get away with. That was her secret – because she was young and not as in control of her emotions as we might expect an adult to be, we were supposed to believe she was giving us the unvarnished truth that everyone else was too polite to say out loud.

Before you admonish me for being mean about a child, take note that Thunberg has now attained the ripe old age of 19, and is therefore – legally at least – an adult, and fair game for a healthy dose of criticism. 

Back when Thunberg first gained prominence, I remember wondering how on earth a teenager even got anywhere near the UN and similarly influential bodies – never mind being given a platform to ‘critique’ the global elite who are arguably the very ones running the show. 

This curiosity naturally extends to how members of groups like Extinction Rebellion seem to be able to waltz into places that,  common sense would dictate, should have tight security like the UK Parliament for example. 

A tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist might say it’s because they are the useful idiots pushing the disastrous climate agenda which – among other things – has seen farmers ‘encouraged’ to give up their land and livestock in places like the Netherlands, and increasingly so at home in Ireland as well. 

The event described as ‘an evening with Greta’ (sounds like great craic) was to mark the launch of her book “The Climate Book” – which, like her speeches, she definitely wrote herself. 

In her speech Thunberg warns us that,  “The climate crisis is a ticking clock that is rapidly approaching the countdown’s end”. 

Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” warned how we’d all likely be dead from the effects of ‘global warming’ by 2012.

10 years on, the inconvenient truth for Gore and his fellow climate hysterics is that we’re all still very much alive. 

Coastal towns like my own native Greystones are not currently underwater – and from eyeballing it – there has been no significant rise in sea levels since he made his apocalyptic predictions. 

Predictions  that were so strong they would have made even Nostradamus blush, indeed it would seem that the only real casualty of ‘climate change hysteria’ was his reputation. 

Thunberg warned us that the coming climate apocalypse is “our destiny”, adding “It is not the story we wished for. It is not the story we wanted”.

I can’t help but think there’s something insidious about pumping these fear mongering messages through the mouth of a teenager. It makes me think that those behind Thunberg are deliberately targeting young ears with their agenda. 

Luckily for us Thunberg says,  ‘we do still have the possibility to avoid the worst consequences’.  

I suppose – like with many fear driven agendas – if we do what she and her handlers say, everything will be ok. 

It’s all  very reminiscent of the government endorsed, media propagated belief that if we all just rolled up our sleeves, wore masks, didn’t visit our ageing relatives or go too far outside, the world would be saved from covid. 

She continues that the ‘financially fortunate few’ – sounds like the kind of people who are least affected by the green policies pushed by climate change preachers – still think they can ‘buy their way’ out of the fast approaching disaster and “mass extinctions”. 

She says that ‘levels of awareness’ of our collective plight is ‘slowly increasing’, but that action needs to be taken to “rapidly speed up the process” by which she means compliance I’m sure. 

She says that young people are standing up, and that  ‘our leaders’, like her friends at the UN, ‘messed with the wrong generation’ 

Unlike Al Gore, Greta didn’t inform us of our ‘expiry date’, but it might be a good idea to book that month long break on the Amalfi coast now, because if Thunberg and her cohort are to be believed – the planet as we know it hasn’t much time left. Yikes.  

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