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North Korea – yet again – is on brink of starvation

According to what was first reported in the South Korean media, the socialist state in North Korea is facing yet another food crisis. One reason is the perennial failure of the collectivized agricultural sector to produce enough basic foodstuff such as rice. Another is that the situation has been compounded by the regime’s apparent pursuit of ‘Zero Covid.’

Socialism and Zero Covid. Sounds like something that any one of up to 50 TDs in Leinster House might have you believe would be good for us. In North Korea, they came together at last.

Now, North Korea’s Stalinist dictator, Kim Jong Un, has been forced to respond to the expected chronic food shortages. He is blaming the crisis on the weather, but also refers to the heroic sacrifice of his subjects in maintaining what Kim referred to as “the perfect anti-epidemic state,” according to Associated Press,

All policies have a cost, and in North Korea we can see the result of endless, draconian lockdowns laid bare – economic and social devastation.

For 70 years now, North Koreans have been enduring the policies brought about by ‘Juche’- or self-reliance – the official ideology of the authoritarian government as espoused by former leader, the dictator Kim Il-sung.

For this reason, the Juche idea is deeply connected with Marxism-Leninism that asserted to liquidate exploitation and oppression of man by man, eradicate all kinds of social inequality and build a socialist society where the broad working masses including working class enjoy a free and equal life.   Korean Friendship Association

It sounds similar to some of the Dáil contributions of zero covid advocates who, you might remember, believed the best way to ensure that the Lockdown was even better was if it was tied to their left-wing notion of “equality”.

People familiar with the history of leftist distortions of Irish republicanism will be familiar with the relationship between the Workers Party and the North Koreans. Not so well known, is the fact that Sinn Féin was once besotted with the Korea of Equals.

Gerry Adams attended a reception for the 75th birthday of Kim Il-sung in 1987, and the Sinn Féin Foreign Affairs Bureau extended solidarity greetings to the Democratic Republic of North Korea in 1986. Former British press officer for Sinn Féin, Gerry Mac Lochlainn, wrote a pamphlet advising how The Irish Republican and Juche Concept of National Self Dignity are One. Mac Lochlainn and others were part of a Sinn Féin delegation to the World Youth Festival in Pyongyang in 1989.

Now, I am certain that the current intake would not publicly associate themselves with North Korea. Like all of the other bloody catastrophes that were the consequence of the pursuit of “equality,” this one has to be chalked down as “Do Better the Next Time.”

Spare a thought, however, for the people of North Korea who have endured three quarters of a century of murder, starvation and labour camps to prove once again that what People Before Profit – and seemingly many in the currently most popular political party on the island – think might be really cool, does not work. Never has, and never will. That does not unfortunately prevent people who ought to know better from trying to persuade you that it will.





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