North Face green virtue signallers rightly called out as giant frauds

The colossal hypocrisy of the green movement has been called out in a letter from an industry expert who supplies the materials that woke corporations use to make their products.

Is it naive – or just deceitful – to think that you can “leave fossil fuels in the ground” and also live a modern life.

For brainwashed kids and the utterly clueless political class, the former might well be the case, but for North Face, the outdoor-wear company, it’s pretty obvious that deceit is their game. North Face’s posturing moral stance against oil extraction shows them up as colossal liars, who are leading their leisured elite and upper-middle-class customer base around by the nose.

As Green Peace co-founder, Patrick Moore, pointed out; Virtue Signaller extraordinaire, North Face refused to supply jackets with company logos to the gas and oil engineering company Innovex – but their jackets are made of gas and oil.


Innovex Downhole Solutions provide engineering expertise and solutions to the oil and gas extraction sector. Their CEO, Adam Anderson, wrote a blistering response to the CEO of VF Corporation –the parent company of North Face- Mr Steve Rendle, highlighting the farcical virtue signalling position North Face had taken when asked to supply jackets for his employees. North Face refused because Innovex were involved in the evil gas and oil industry, but North face conveniently omitted the fact that the materials in their clothing are made from oil and gas.

North Face are also acutely aware that there is no penalty for this lie by omission because the media are also wholly committed to the easily disproven narrative that fossil fuels are evil and must be abandoned.

Adam Anderson argued that “Low-cost reliable energy is critical to enable humans to flourish” and added “the work of my company, and our industry more broadly, enables humans to have a quality of life and life expectancy that was unfathomable only a century ago”

The letter, which is well worth reading, listed the many ways in which modern life would be impossible without fossil fuels.  From the production of vaccines, to clothing, to insulation, plastics, and innumerable other basic materials that are in practically everything we use, gas and oil is essential to modern life. This is a fact that the clueless greens never seem to consider.

The entire political class in Ireland is completely unaware of this basic fact of life, or are too scared to say so. Irish viewers might remember a green party soap box broadcast on RTE that was disguised as a pre-election debate on the green issue, which demonstrated this. Eamon Ryan rambled incoherently (giving the feeling that he has no confidence in his own rhetoric); Jack Chambers looked like an unprepared schoolboy asked to produce his homework; Bríd Smith, in pure socialist fashion reminiscent of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, demanded to leave the goods in the ground; Richard Bruton, sounding like a hostage over a barrel, agreed that gas exploration had to stop.

None of these geniuses seemed aware that they couldn’t have done the interview without the products of the oil and gas industry. From the synthetic materials in the seats they sat in, the insulation in the studio cables, the rubber in their shoes, the polyester in their clothing (assuming they wear the same sort of clothes as the commoners); none of this exists without oil. If one of them had a headache that morning (they gave me one) they probably took an aspirin or Panadol produced from chemicals derived of petroleum.

Only Aontú’s, Peadar Tóibín didn’t sound like a complete idiot. He actually proposed some realistic energy policies that would help increase efficiencies and bring employment to distributed communities. His ‘Combined Heat and Power Plant’ policy proposal for farmers is a smart approach to distributed and localised power capture and use. Don’t expect the clown crew mentioned above to understand this though.

It might seem that North Face are biting the hands that feed them when they are being difficult to the industry that supplies their input materials, but this is a calculated lie which has far more benefits to their progressive marketing image than it has negatives. They will continue to buy oil products from their suppliers, but will protest that they are all against the oil industry to the press.

Don’t ever expect RTE or the Irish Times to mention the fact that most of the materials that make our modern world possible are processed from the fossil fuels that we extract from the ground. Don’t ever expect them to stop writing their progressive propaganda on their apple computers and tablets, which are made from rare earth metals extracted from environmentally ruinous mines in places like Congo and China.

Don’t expect them to throw away their ipads in disgust when they hear for the umpteenth time proven stories of forced child labour in the supply chain and production of their favourite technical toys. In fact you may just hear them complain about cultural appropriation on the device that was built by East Asian child slaves out of materials extracted at gunpoint by African children. These are children that the child prophet Greta would say “should be in school”.

But then we wouldn’t have our ipads or our North Face rain proof jackets!

As the child prophet would say “how dare you” you massive hypocrites!



Lorcán Mac Mathúna


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