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‘Nollaig na mBan’ Campaign following worst year of violence against women-Brolly

“Traditionally in Ireland, Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Little Christmas) is a day which celebrates and values, achievements and contributions of women within their homes and families and now in more modern times, within society.

This year however, it would be totally remiss of anyone to solely celebrate this tradition in the face of the violence and injustice hundreds of women across the country have suffered. 6th January 2023 must not only continue in the tradition of celebrating women, it must bring to the fore the cruelty and injustice suffered by so many, by Aishling Murphy, by Natalie McNally and her unborn baby, by Bruna Fonseca and by all those who have been hurt and murdered. It must raise awareness of the reality of this horror, it must highlight their cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Brolly continues “From 1996 244 women were killed in violent circumstances in the South of Ireland.

35 women have been murdered in the North of Ireland since 2017.

11 women died in violent circumstances this year. This makes 2022 the worst year in a decade for violence against women. 2023 must be the year where we do everything in our power to stamp this out, Nollaig na mBan 2023 must highlight these deplorable injustices and force our governments to do all in their power to act and eliminate such heinous crimes. It must be a day of raising awareness, sharing vital information and jogging the memories and consciences of as many as possible to participate in helping to find the killers of these women.

The family of Natalie McNally very bravely told of how so many from every religion, creed and background, political and non-political have joined forces to support them, let the Nollaig na mBan 2023 campaign be the day that ripples this support and calls anyone and everyone to action in highlighting the necessary information to bring perpetrators to justice, inspiring courage to call out any act of intimidation and violence and convincing our governments to work together to ensure such monstrous acts are never repeated.”

Brolly concludes:

“We encourage everyone on Nollaig na mBan to act by lighting a candle, by resharing vital information in the case of Natalie McNally and all women whose perpetrators are still to be located and by including the hashtags #Nollaignamban #Beathanamban and any other relevant hashtags to ongoing investigations.”

(Please Note: Nollaig na mBan is strongly connected with the Irish language, for this reason this campaign is also available in Irish and open and welcoming to all.)


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