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New School book for your 3 year old: Can I have babies too?

Tell you one thing: Society really is advancing at an incredible pace. When I was 3 years old, in 1987, not only was I not in any kind of formal education, but the extent of my learning was that my mother was trying to teach me basic sums using matchsticks. I regret to say that 35 years later, my maths has only improved a little.

Anyway, today’s three year olds have it much better, and are certainly getting a more, well, rounded, education, at least if this new set of books for 3-11 year olds from InPrint Educational is anything to go by.

Available for schools, the company says, for the bargain price of just €292.64:

The company says that:

In this new day and age everything is becoming so very different and challenging. Inprint Educational and their team of advisors have designed this package to help our children understand and accept these new changes. Included in this pack are some practical resources for teachers to help homophobic and biphobic bulling, working with those who bully and supporting those who are bullied.

These beautifully illustrated books deal with Gender Identity ,Gender Expression and peopled with funny characters of many shapes, colours and customs, this pack also includes guidance for teachers on helping children understand the importance of diversity.

This bundle of 18 new books for ages ranging from as young as three years old and up to eleven! 

Stopping homophobic and biphobic bullying? Is biphobic bullying a commonplace thing amongst three-year-olds these days? Or even six or seven-year-olds? Anyway, I particularly like “Vincent the Vixen” – as someone who consumed Tom McCaughren’s run swift, run free series of books about foxes as a child, it’s good to see that the vulpine trend has persisted into today’s essential education about how some female foxes are really boys – though, of course, we’re yet to encounter a case of a real-life transgender fox. Only a matter of time, I guess.

Back to the quotes above: “These beautifully illustrated books deal with gender identity, gender expression”, says Inprint, who, incidentally, have sent an email advertising their wares to almost every primary school in the country. But that raises some questions:

First, is the science around gender identity and gender expression settled? We are often told by our friends on the left that children should learn facts, not ideologies, in primary schools. That is, after all, why so many of them oppose religion classes. Yet, at the same time, here are a series of books that tell children that gender is something that they are free to choose. That is certainly a belief held by some people in our country, but it certainly is not settled scientific fact. Parents may well have their own views on an issue like that – but who are parents to compete with the settled authority of what is written in school books? This is it’s own form of progressive religious instruction. It’s not based on fact, but on the latest progressive fantasies about what men and women are.

Second, even if we were to accept – which this writer does not – that the science was settled in favour of the interpretation in these books, how important is this, really, for the average three year old? Is “gender expression” something that you really need to learn at that age? Speaking personally, I didn’t learn about it at all until I was in my mid thirties, because it didn’t exist. And I’m perfectly fluent in it now. We all know, I think, that these books aren’t designed to teach children things that they need to know, but instead to teach them things that some ideologues want them to believe. It’s “get ‘em young” in practice, dressed up in the absurd skirts of an anti-bullying campaign.

Third: “Can I have Babies too?” is a question parents have been answering for generations. What’s wrong with “someday you can, when you are older, and you get married” as an answer? Does it really require a book to answer that question for a child? Call me old fashioned, but there’s no real need for three year olds to know much more, in my view, than “we found you one day in the hedge”. If anything, there’s a bit more wonder and excitement to that answer than there is to detailing the circumstances and process of conception. If Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are acceptable explanations for things beyond the understanding of children, then frankly the stork carrying a bundle is too. These are things, after all, that add wonder and enrichment to a childhood. There’s a good reason we say “Santa brought you what you wanted” and not “Daddy went to a moneylender and we’ll worry about the consequences at the end of January”. It’s an expression of love, not deceit.

For the progressive on a charge, though, none of these subtleties matter. The mere possibility – the slightest chance – that somewhere, at some time, a nine-year-old will ask at an awkward time “why is Bobby a girl now” is enough to justify drumming progressive gender ideology into toddlers to make them better people. It’s nuts.

The issue here isn’t the existence of these books, by the way. It’s this: How many parents know that they exist, or that their children are being exposed to materials like this, and many others like them, in their schools? So much of this stuff is being done quietly, and, if not in secret, then certainly in the hope that nobody will notice. Perhaps there are parents who really want their children to have in depth conversations about how gender is non-binary and sexual orientation is a wide spectrum. But there are certainly those –  I suspect a majority – who’d rather wait until they are a little older before having those talks. Sensible schools will say “no thanks” to these books. It might be worth checking whether your local school is, in fact, a sensible one.

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