A mother of a child with a life-threatening illness says she has received “a lot of hate tweets” after speaking out with concern about the assisted suicide bill.

Miriam Colleran, a doctor who works in palliative care,  posted previously that “as the mother of a daughter with a life threatening illness,” she was “very sad to see the assisted suicide/dying & euthanasia bill pass this second stage.”

She explained that as a doctor working in palliative care she knew a lot can be done to alleviate symptoms and manage distress at end of life for most people.

She called for a “proper discussion” of the issues, and said that Ireland needed to look at what had happened in jurisdictions where assisted suicide was already legal.

Now she says she has received a “lot of hate tweets” for expressing her opinion.

“I have received a lot of hate tweets for sharing the risks about this bill & that we are a family living with life threatening illness,” she wrote. “I appreciate that this is not the loud / popular voice.”

Last week, a terminally ill man was described as a “f**ker” for objecting to the Bill.

But Ms. Colleran also sent a big thank you to those who had sent support when she was under fire.

“Grá ó chroí to those who sent kind messages,” she wrote.