MULLINGAR: Protest blocks bus at migrant centre

Protestors in Mullingar have blocked a bus from entering a former army barracks after controversy in the town because of plans to use the centre to house migrants claiming asylum in Ireland.

Locals say they were not consulted about plans to accommodate 120 single males in Columb Barracks in the town.

Midlands radio said that “over 30 people .. gathered outside the gates of the building in Mullingar this afternoon, and are blocking a bus attempting to enter the site.”

Protesters were chanting “Ireland is full ” and “close the borders”. The bus has now left the area.

It was the second bus to arrive at the barracks today.

Last month, up to 500 people marched in the town tonight in protest at the decision to commandeer Columb Barracks to house male migrants.


The barracks in the centre of the town is being used by up to 30 community groups, and locals are angry at what they see as a lack of consultation. “There’s also a lack of respect for the people who live in the town, our opinions don’t matter; our safety doesn’t matter,” one woman attending the march told Gript.

A group opposing the centre, ‘Mullingar Says No’ has been formed and they say more marches are planned.


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