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Most popular baby name in Brussels is now Mohammad

The most popular newborn baby name in the Belgian capital of Brussels is now the Islamic name “Muhammad” according to the country’s national statistics agency, Stratbel.

Two variations of the name – “Mohamed” and “Mohammed” – were two of the top three most common boys’ names in Brussels last year, with a total of 18,430 births being registered with these names in the nation’s capital.

The second most common name was “Jean,” at 6089 registrations, followed by “Ahmed” at 4166 registrations.

Overall, 43% of newborns in Brussels were given Islamic names last year.
Notably, according to data previously released by Stratbel, only 26% of Brussels residents are native Belgians, with a whopping 74% being of a foreign background.

Study: Only 26% of Brussels residents are native Belgians

As reported by Belgian news site The Bulletin, in 2010, 36.2% of Brussels residents were of a native Belgian background. In 2020, that figure has dropped to only 26%.

Brussels is arguably the unofficial EU capital as it is home to the EU Parliament and Commission buildings.

At the national level, 67.3% of the Belgian population is native-Belgian, with 32.7% being of a foreign extraction.

In other European countries, there is a similar trend, with Muhammad being the most common baby name in London, north-West England, Yorkshire and Hunber, and the west Midlands last year.

The same is true for Berlin.


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