The links between pornography and human trafficking have long been established, but rarely have the connections been so horribly apparent as in a recent story reported on earlier this month by Newsweek. The mother of a 15-year-old girl from South Florida who had been missing for almost a year discovered that her daughter was still alive when pornographic photographs and videos of the missing teen were published online.

According to the arrest report of the 30-year-old man who she was found with, the girl, who remains unnamed due to the fact that she is still a minor, had also appeared in fifty-eight porn videos and had appeared on Periscope, Modelhub, Pornhub, and Snapchat. At one point during the time she spent under this man’s control, she ended up getting pregnant and told detectives that she was forced to have an abortion against her will.

At one point during the time she spent under this man’s control, she ended up getting pregnant and told detectives that she was forced to have an abortion against her will.

According to police, the man’s name is Christopher Johnson, and he has since been arrested and charged. The felony charge, lewd battery against a victim between the ages of 12 and 16, resulted in his bail being set by a Broward Country judge in Fort Lauderdale at $75,000. Detective Adam Granit noted that the police discovered paperwork at the man’s apartment that confirmed the girl’s allegation of being forced into an abortion, despite Johnson’s claim that he’d never had sex with her. (He’d also uploaded videos having sex with the minor online, contradicting his feeble claims.)

There are several things to note about this story. The first is simply this: PornHub is the most popular porn outlet in the world, which means many people were watching an underaged girl get victimized by an older man—and if the reports turn out to be true, possibly several older men.

In other words, PornHub viewers were getting sexual enjoyment out of what turned out to be a horrific crime. Many people reading this will have visited PornHub at some time or another themselves, and you need to know this: This girl’s story is not unique.

One of my friends who also speaks on the porn issue frequently tells the story of one of his friends who once worked in the porn industry. At one point, this girl was raped on camera, and as often happens, the porn companies insisted there had been consent for what took place. The video of her rape was put online for the enjoyment of porn users, and years later, when she was out of the porn industry and beginning to heal from the brutal treatment and accompanying substance abuse, this young woman was told by a young man who recognized her that she was in one of his favorite porn videos. His favorite scene? The one in which she’d been raped. He’d consumed her rape for his enjoyment, over and over—without knowing he was watching rapAs the anti-porn non-profit Fight the New Drug noted sarcastically on Twitter after Newsweek broke the story: “Yet ANOTHER example of PornHub hosting videos of literal sex trafficking.”

It is awful to contemplate the fact that in a culture where sexual violence is becoming ubiquitous in popular pornography across the board, events that constitute a hellish nightmare for many young women are becoming the fulfillment of sexual fantasy for many young men. The porn industry is destroying our souls and twisting our minds, and it is long past time that we evicted it abruptly from our lives.

And then there is the sad fact that this teenage girl got pregnant as a result of the sexual abuse she endured, and that this unwanted child was promptly killed at an abortion clinic. The men who trafficked her do not believe that her body should nurture and nourish her child—that would interfere with their plans to extract pleasure from her and put her on display for others. And as usual, the abortion industry turned out to be the best friend of sex traffickers, pimps, and rapists, ready to assist them in covering up their crimes by killing the babies that resulted from them. They are enablers of the worst kinds of exploitation, and many sex offenders are free today because an abortionist had their backs.

The porn industry and the abortion industry reduce women and children to meat, feeding them to carnivorous consumers in a culture that has lost all sense  of right and wrong. A culture that respected women’s rights would be outraged at the fact that millions upon millions of people entertain themselves by watching girls get sexually violated and thrashed onscreen, but our culture pretends that “women’s rights” means that if any children show up unexpectedly, they can be hastily shredded and discarded so that the show can go on.


Printed with permission