Minister expresses concern over Chinese police station in Dublin

Following a report on Gript in September regarding the operation of what appears to be a Chinese police station on Capel Street in Dublin, Rural Independent TD for Laois/Offaly, Carol Nolan, submitted a question to the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, asking the Minister if she was aware of this unusual situation.

The Minister stated that she is aware of the report, and that this has been raised with the Chinese Embassy here by officials in her Department. She assured Deputy Nolan that “there can and will be no question of a ‘parallel system of policing in the State.”

Since Gript’s first reporting on this, based on research conducted by Safeguard Defenders, the presence of the Chinese police in other countries has been the subject of public attention. Several newspapers in Canada have published reports on stations, similar to that in Dublin, that are in operation in Toronto and other locations.

Canadians have been particularly concerned over the apparent sympathy that exists between the Chinese Communist Party and the Canadian Liberal government of Justin Trudeau. This has included claims that the Chinese attempted to influence voters in the 2021 Canadian election not to vote for the Conservatives.

Readers will not be surprised that the equivalents of our own Irish leftie “fact checkers” in other countries have been keen to dismiss such reports. In 2018, the AFP South African site claimed that they were not police stations, even though they were manned by actual Chinese police persons in uniform, mainly on the flimsy basis that they could not arrest people.

The reality is of course that the Chinese state has clearly extended its reach into many countries across the world, as is illustrated by a map which shows the location of those currently known to be in operation, including in Ireland.

China opens police stations across the globe…Here is why? (

The former Soviet Union provided the model and the training upon whose secret police and intelligence agencies the Chinese Communist Party equivalents were created when the Party was illegal in the early 1920s. However, while the Soviet intelligence and police overseas used sophisticated techniques to avoid discovery, the CCP appears to believe in the motto of “hiding in public.”

Their brazenness also extends to the open presence in many countries, including Ireland, of organisations that are an integral part of the United Front Department of the Communist Party. One such is the Confucius Institutes which are present in several Irish universities including UCD. The Belfield university, as we reported earlier in the week, is far too busy monitoring its own academic staff to be concerned about an organisation that in 2020 was described by the United States State Department as part of the Chinese state mission overseas. In 2020, Sweden closed all of the Confucius Institutes in its third level institutions.

We shall watch developments here with interest. Perhaps the fact that such a police operation is taking place in Ireland will also lead to more questioning of the overall relationship between the political and business sectors in Ireland and a regime that, whatever its well-oiled propaganda service supported by a compliant mainstream media might claim, is the most perfect totalitarian system in human history.

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