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Migrant crisis on Polish border escalates

The migrant crisis on the Polish border with Belarus continues to escalate as the confrontation threatens to assume a wider international dimension.

It seems apparent that Russia is behind what many regard as a method by the Belarussian President Lukashenko to get back at the EU over sanctions imposed on Putin’s neo-Stalinist ally.

Russia Today is cynically pushing the narrative about “Bitter cold, dying migrants,” while at the same time referring to “the criminal recklessness of Biden’s border policies” which it links to growing migrant crime in the United States.

Russia would also appear to have scored a significant diplomatic success in having the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with the States effectively issue a joint call with the Russian Foreign Minister for the latest wave of migrants to be facilitated.


Lavrov has suggested that perhaps the EU basically pay the Belarussians to make the problem disappear, a recognition that both the crisis itself and its solution have nothing whatsoever to do with the unfortunate people massing on the Polish border.

It would also appear evident that the optics of what is happening are being carefully choreographed with the mob of mainly young men who are hidden in the background while the media is encouraged to take shots of people holding young children. As they have been advised to do.


Of course, there is no problem that cannot be made even worse by the intervention of the far left. Polish police have had to turn back German open borders extremists on their way to “help” with the crisis. One would imagine that the Poles have sufficient historical experience of Russia and Germany jointly “helping” them to believe that this might not be a good thing.


In reality, despite the EU stand-off with Poland on other issues, the EU Commission and most EU states are standing publicly behind Poland in what is regarded as a threat to the security of all member states.

The German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has stated that Poland is rightly protecting its border, which is also, of course, the border between the EU and Belarus and effectively Russia. The US State Department has made a similar statement.

The Irish government will hardly say anything that contradicts Berlin or Brussels or Biden but it was noteworthy that when the crisis began in September that all Irish MEPs including those from Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil criticised Poland.

Which indicates that the Pollyanna belief that Europe should just open its borders up to chaos extends well beyond the gormless far left and Sinn Féin representatives – even taking account of their visceral hatred for Poland which perhaps represents a form of self-hatred for our own history and culture.

Poland, meanwhile, is on something approaching war footing, with large numbers of troops now in support of the police and border guards. These have also been supplemented by civilians who have volunteered to assist.


Among whom are elderly veterans of Poland’s resistance to the Red Army and the Wehrmacht.



And whatever, the attitude of the current Vatican, there is little doubt where the Catholic Church in Poland stands with regard to this assault on the country.


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