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Mica families to march at Dáil say their ‘houses are crumbling’

Thousands of families in Donegal and Mayo who say their houses are falling down around them because of the use of Mica in construction blocks are to march on the Dáil next Tuesday demanding full redress.

Some 7,000 people have been impacted by the issue, with videos of the walls of houses literally crumbling away causing shock on social media, while schools and community centres have also been impacted.

Some families have been forced to leave their homes because of safety concerns.

Campaigners say people are distressed and angry that a redress scheme for homes affected by Mica does not compensate them fully for the cost of rebuilding.

Inishowen man Paddy Diver said that over 7,000 people were affected and that the government should be ashamed to leave families in dire straits.

Large protests involving homeowners and local groups had taken place in Letterkenny and Buncrana in late May, but campaigners now hope their upcoming demonstration at the Dáil will have the necessary effect on politicians.

An Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said the Cabinet had not made a decision about the extend of the government redress scheme this week, but warned that the cost would be significantly higher for homes affected by mica than those affected by pyrite.

Varadkar also questioned whether the  taxpayer should cover the full cost of replacing larger homes.


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