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Marine Le Pen Slams French Immigration Policy in wake of brutal murder.

“What are you waiting for?”

Marine Le Pen addressed the French Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne in  an impassioned speech before the French Parliament yesterday.

Responding to the brutal rape, torture, and murder of 12 year old Lola Daviet whose body was found in a suitcase last Friday in Paris, Le Pen said that, “My question is addressed to madam the First Minister: Friday, time stood still, France frozen, stupefied, horrified, and in pain on learning of the torture of little Lola”. 

“This young primary school student whose life was taken in broad daylight and in the middle of Paris – in the worst of ways possible. The country’s compassion towards the family –  in which everyone is aware it could have been our daughter – is deep”

Le Pen continued, “Yet again the suspect of this barbaric attack should not have been on our territory for more than 3 years”. 

“You will not be able to scapegoat this situation like you do in every circumstance…pushing aside those who have been scandalised” 

An Algerian migrant who ignored orders to leave France after her visa expired was charged in relation to the child’s killing on Monday. 

Le Pen said that:  “Too much crime and felony is committed by illegal aliens”,  claiming that as many as 1 in 2 crimes in France are committed by such individuals. 

Addressing the issue of irregularity in the accused’s immigration status Le Pen said  “Once again, the suspect of this barbaric act should not have been in France.”

The Rassemblement National leader said, “We have challenged you 100 times about this irregular immigration”, adding  “what are you waiting for to act so that this out-of-control illegal immigration is finally stopped?”

La Pen said ‘90% of deportation orders from France are not carried out’ adding that the Minister had ignored her questions on this issue submitted on the 12th of July last. 

She continues, “The government’s late statement on this unbearable assassination proves that you do not have to measure the immense, deep emotion that  this tragedy has aroused in the hearts of the French people”. 

She concluded: “ You must give urgent answers and uncompromising solutions so that the rule of law can be applied and respected in this country because to the French people you owe them the protection of the law”

The body of the 12 year old girl was found in a trunk by a homeless man in a district of Paris last Friday after the schoolgirl was allegedly lured to a neighbouring apartment by an Algerian national who was in France illegally. 

Lola was raped, tortured, and had inscriptions marked on her body. She also suffered a deep cut to her throat. 

No response from the Prime Minister to Le Pen’s comments were reported.

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