The longer the rioting and looting goes on in America the more irrational and random it becomes. Not only are the icons celebrated by the ultra-left and CNN clearly not the sort of characters that anyone with pretensions to a “better world” would want to be seen next nor near – regardless of how they came to attain such heroic stature – but almost without exception those, mainly white, members of Black Lives Matter and Antifa who end up on the wrong side of exchanges appear to be cut from the same cloth.

The three people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha all had criminal records; Rosenbaum for sexual assault of a minor, Huber for domestic abuse including strangulation and battery, and Gaige Grosskreuz, a member of the Peoples Revolution Movement, for burglary. Not exactly Prince Kropotkin are they? The BBC without a trace of irony claimed that they just happened to be in the midst of a criminal rampage while protesting against violence.

Trump narrowly won Kenosha in 2016 which may well be one of the motivations for the assault on its law abiding citizens by criminal sympathisers with another criminal, Jacob Blake. President Trump’s visit to the city was prefaced by an attack on the Mayor of Portland where the Democrat controlled authorities were either unable or unwilling to tackle the anarchy unleashed. Trump described Mayor Wheeler as “incompetent, much like Sleepy Joe Biden,” and shared a tweet which described Wheeler as “the useless fucking idiot that gets everyone killed in every disaster movie.”

Senior hurling, with expletives. If the Democrats were expecting Trump to lie down they have been severely disappointed. Like Ali boxing Foreman in Kinshasa, October 1974, he has come off the ropes when he looked like a beaten fighter and put those who thought they could use the ultra-left and poisonous race baiting to win the White House for the old retainer on the back foot. Will the straight right finish them off?

Trump is baldly stating that behind Sleepy Joe is a coalition of the Democrat grandees and the nihilists they have encouraged in their onslaught on what they thought was a populace cowering in the face of the criminal anarchy in the Democrat one party city states. He reiterated that message in Kenosha on Tuesday where he praised the local police and Wisconsin National Guard for their actions in tackling what he described as “domestic terror” tolerated by the Democrat city council.

Despite the evidence that the on-going violence may be turning the tide against the Democrats, they seem to be doubling down with their tacit approval of a plan to stage a siege of the White House that will begin on September 17 and only end in the days following the election, if as the organisers have stated Biden “wins by a landslide.” What happens if Trump wins is anyone’s guess. If you are searching for an historical analogy then perhaps look no further than Mussolini’s March on Rome in 1922 or the Bolshevik coup against the short lived democratic republic in Russia in 1917.

There was a similarly motivated movement in the late 1960s and early 70s, and it too took as its totems jail psychopaths like George Jackson and the comic opera criminal gang known as the Black Panthers. In October 1969 the Weather Underground launched its Days of Rage in Chicago as the catalyst that was fantasised to spark a revolution of the underclass and their white middle class groupies. Even the Panthers thought they were a pathetic joke.

The Weather persons then went underground to pursue an occasional pointless campaign of low level terrorism. That finally came to a close when its two leaders Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers re-emerged in 1980 into upper middle class Chicago respectability to become key allies of Obama at the beginning of his journey to the Oval Office. Are there ninja Antifas destined for the same fate once this is all over? Perhaps if they serve their intended purpose then the Democrats may well look favourably on them, just as the Hollywood liberal left mythologised the Weather Underground in Robert Redford’s dreadful The Company You Keep.

Or perhaps they might be better advised to study what actually does happen when the mob is unleashed. Have the Democrats opened a Pandora’s Box that it might prove difficult for them to close again, even assuming that it does lead to their short term triumph?

While anarchy may seem superficially attractive to the young and naïve, or to older naïfs, it never has a positive outcome. Ivan Bunin in Cursed Days described the chaos of the early months of the Russian Revolution when vengeance and greed were promiscuously tolerated before the Bolsheviks imposed a more disciplined terror and series of confiscations.

The victims of the early mob violence were similar to those in Portland and Kenosha and Seattle who had the temerity to have a grocery shop or a second hand car dealership or a nice house or just get up in the morning for work. In Moscow in 1918 the mob might decide on a whim to move families into your “bourgeois” two bedroom flat. If you were fortunate they might let you muck in.

Likewise, Mao unleashed the murderous adolescents of the Red Guard to destroy all vestiges of Chinese tradition that posed a potential threat to his personal power and that of the Communist Party. Some believe that Xi is pursuing a similar but more controlled onslaught on those vestiges of old decency to ensure the perpetual dominance of the Party and its gangster capitalist allies.

In Germany the drunken debauched Brownshirts visited Mayhem on the population under the protection of the National Socialist state before Hitler and the SS curbed their unpredictable violence as he prepared for the more sinister and systematic destruction of the old Europe that was in planning.

The lesson is, that state terror takes over from the terror of the mob once the mob has cleared the decks for the new revolutionary elite. Camus contrasted the anarchic violence of the mob with the totalitarian violence that succeeds it: “If Sade’s formula was ‘open the prisons and prove your virtue,’ then Saint-Just’s would be ‘Prove your virtue or go to prison … the libertine justifies individual terrorism, the high priest of virtue, State terrorism.” (The Rebel, p76.)

It is probably foolish to seek any logic in the nihilistic violence unleashed by Black Lives Matter supporters and Antifa which is being closely watched by their would-be imitators in other democracies. Unless of course that logic lies in a deliberate strategy plot on the part of a section of the American elite to retake power from a man they regard as an unpredictable outsider and populist who is not beholden to the permanent state.

One thing is for certain is that the genie will not easily be put back into the bottle. There is a lot more at stake in November than which Septuagenarian wins the White House.