LISTEN: the trans debate on Liveline that caused a furore

TDs have called for Joe Duffy’s Liveline to be brought before an Oireachtas Committee because it featured a debate, over several days, on whether the word ‘woman’ should be erased from legislation and other contexts because of insistence by transgender activists that words like ‘person’ are more inclusive.

But what was actually said on the programme? In this clip one caller says that the changes could have dangerous consequences for women, particularly vulnerable women. Another disagrees.



“Imagine you are a sex abuse victim and you are incarcerated for a small petty crime, like shoplifting, and you find out that in the cell next to you in a sex offender. How do you think you’ll sleep that night having that trauma being brought back to you? Imagine you are a rape survivor and you want to go to a rape crisis clinic and the person who turns up to do your counselling is a male who identifies as a woman. How will that make you feel?” Brian said.

“They are a woman,” Caitríona interjected. “At least address them by how they identify.”

“Ok so, we are getting to the crux of the insanity here, we are talking about a rape victim here and apparently the real problem is that we not calling the person doing the counselling the right gender,” Brian said. “We are forgetting about the victims here, the real victims.”


Words like ‘chest-feeder’, ‘people who menstruate’ and ‘gestator’ are increasingly coming into use to replace ‘woman’ in recent times. Many women find this objectionable.


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