Large events with no masks, distancing are no riskier than shopping – UK report

Going to a large gathering without social distancing or masks is no more dangerous than going to a shopping centre or a restaurant, according to the latest UK government trials.

The results were found after the British government piloted a few mass events including the World Snooker Championship, three Wembley matches, and the Brit Awards. As reported by the Mirror, according to the preliminary data, screenings, good ventilation and other factors appear to massively reduce covid-19’s spread.

Both indoor and outdoor events were tested during the pilot, wherein attendees did not have to wear masks, and had no need for social distancing. While several of these events were seated, there was also a club night in which individuals were allowed to mix freely on dance floors.

As part of the test, attendees also wore a device to monitor how many individuals they came into close contact with, and how they interacted with others (be it through hugs, handshakes, etc.).

“We are still waiting for the final bits of data but the results so far have been very encouraging,” a UK government source told the Times.

“It will help make the case that these large events are not inherently more risky than other parts of the hospitality sector. It shows that there are things that you can do to make these settings as safe as other daily activities.”

The source added that while the mass events aren’t totally safe, the risk can be decreased to a “reasonable level” using common sense precautions.

While events may take more organisation than they would have prior to the pandemic – such as attendees having to prove they’d have a negative covid test recently, or reduced venue capacity – with these in place, initial data seems to indicate that risk of outbreaks will be fairly low.

Previously there had been serious concerns that large events such as sporting matches and concerts could lead to covid-19 outbreaks, which threatened to jeopardise the UK government’s plan to open up the British economy by June 21st. However, these new findings have given renewed hope that the opening will be able to continue as originally planned.

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