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Labour fail to condemn councillor’s claim that babies “masturbate for pleasure”

The Labour Party has failed to condemn comments made by Councillor Pamela Kearns that babies masturbate “for pleasure”.

The claims were made during a meeting organised by parents’ group “Let Kids Be Kids” in Templeouge, as concerns grow among parents about government plans for sex-education changes.

Labour leader Brendan Howlin did not respond when Gript contacted the Labour leader via email asking whether such comments were acceptable within the Labour party and what views he holds on teaching children about masturbation.

A National Council for Curriculum and Assesment (NCCA) review paper had repeatedly referenced a World Health Organisation document which recommended teaching children as young as four about masturbation, causing many parents to express concern about what the final NCCA programme will contain.

The comments from the Labour councillor were met with shouts of opposition from the floor:

Other parents’ groups have expressed concern about the BeWiser programme offered by AidsWest to primary and secondary schools, as at least one course co-ordinator has repeatedly stated her support for teaching children about masturbation and pornography:

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