“Kinda getting sick of working 50 hours a week,” tax payers react to €200 social welfare handout.

As the latest bonus for those in receipt of long term social welfare payments is to be paid to as many as 1.3million qualifying candidates, many disgruntled taxpayers are asking what the government is doing for them. 

The 200 bonus social welfare payment which is part of a government scheme to ease the cost of living crisis, but there is no comparable scheme to help those in employment, leading many to wonder why there is ‘no help’ for workers. 


One Twitter user commented on the government’s recent “windfall” tax receipts saying, “Surely with the Corporation Tax windfall, this bonus should be paid to everyone.”


Another expressed frustration at where the tax money used for the payouts comes from saying, “So is this coming out of the income tax, PRSI or USC they take from me monthly?”

One man asked, “Do people realise that this creates even more inflation and higher cost of living?”

The payout is estimated to cost €261 million and is available to those in ‘long term’ receipt of a long list of social welfare payments which is included in full here


Another commenter expressed concern about the impact of payments of this nature claiming that it was part of a plan to make people dependent on government payouts saying, “What they really mean is to get you used to government handouts in order to survive. When it’s fully implemented it will be in the form of credit vouchers that can only be used for what the voucher stated. Of course they will need face recognition cameras also”


“Companies should be allowed give a €200 tax free bonus to staff also. If company is in a position too that is.” said another Twitter user, adding “Fair is fair.”


Another worker expressed dismay about the way their tax contributions are being spend saying, “I better get a bit of overtime in to do my bit.”


“Ireland, one of the only countries that actively rewards being long term (as opposed to short term) unemployed,” said another. 


A duration of 12 months on eligible social welfare payment or scheme is required in order to be eligible for the lump sum payment and time spent on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is included in the jobseeker qualifying period according to the government. 

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