Kim Kardashian has said her husband, super star hip-hop artist and music entrepreneur Kanye West, has been ‘saved by Christ’.

Kardashian told the U.S. TV show “The View” that her husband was “born again” and that making his new album was instrumental in West becoming a Christian.

“Kanye started this to really heal himself and it was a really personal thing, and it was just friends and family,” she said. “He has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ.”

Kanye West’s widely anticipated new album is titled Jesus is King and is considered to be the artist’s attempt to ‘get right with God’.

One of the songs on the album, Jesus Walks, has the following message:
They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won’t get played Huh?
Well if this take away from my spins
Which will probably take away from my ends
Then I hope this take away from my sins
And bring the day that I’m dreaming about
Next time I’m in the club everybody screaming out

(Jesus walks)