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JK Rowling: celebs ​​like Harry and Megan should be “ashamed” for supporting ‘Mermaids’ charity.

Mermaids enjoyed celebrity endorsement

Author JK Rowling has slammed celebrities who supported the now disgraced trans charity ‘mermaids’ which is currently under investigation for allegedly supplying chest binding devices to girls as  young as 13. 

Replying to a Tweet by Observer columnist Sonya Sodha, Rowling criticised “celebrities” and “corporations” she said have “been cheering mermaids on without doing the slightest bit of due diligence”.  


The controversial charity is also in the spotlight as it was revealed that a trustee of the organisation, Dr. Jacob Breslow, resigned with immediate effect after The Times questioned statements he had made at a 2011 presentation. 

The group to which he made his presentation was founded by a convicted paedophile. 

Gript reported “Breslow gave a presentation titled Sexual Alignment: Critiquing Sexual Orientation, The Pedophile, and the DSM V. B4U-ACT described the presentation as “challenging assumptions about minors and sexuality which currently underlie policymaking and the DSM.”

B4U-ACT published accounts of the event, which includes the full text of the presentations given and any slides used, but Breslow’s presentation is missing from these accounts; instead there is a note saying that Breslow requested his presentation not be included.”

In 2019 reports emerged that “Prince Harry’s mental health charity, Heads Together, has invited a U.K.-based transgender youth charity to join its wellness efforts”. 


Heads together was launched in 2016 by the prince and his wife Megan Markle as a “campaign to end stigma around mental health”. 

Harpers Bazaar reported “The Duke of Sussex believes the organization, along with other youth charities, is “on the front line of mental health work in the U.K,”. 

It was reported that the British royal met with the CEO of mermaids, Susie Green at a ‘round table meeting’ who said that his support was ‘hugely beneficial’. 

Green in quoted by the Telegraph as saying, “I think it’s always really important to young people to see that people with the authority and credibility that Prince Harry has are supporting them and are listening and acknowledging the fact that they exist,”. 

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson had also publicly expressed support for Mermaids by encouraging her followers to donate to the charity, saying that she was a financial contributor. 


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