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Jennifer Aniston cuts ties with unvaxxed friends

The former “Friends” star said a lot of opinions “don’t feel based in anything except fear or propaganda.”

Jennifer Aniston has said “it’s a real shame” she has “lost a few people” in her weekly routine because they “have refused or did not disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated], and it was unfortunate.”

“I feel it’s your moral and professional obligation to inform, since we’re not all podded up and being tested every single day,” she explained.

The Hollywood actress told InStyle magazine that there is a “large group of people” who “just don’t listen to the facts.”

“It’s tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion — but a lot of opinions don’t feel based in anything except fear or propaganda,” Aniston claimed.

Aniston had previously implored her 37 million social media followers to wear a mask.

“People seem worried about their ‘rights being taken away’ by being asked to wear a mask,” she wrote on Instagram.

“This simple and effective recommendation is being politicized at the expense of peoples’ lives. And it really shouldn’t be a debate. If you care about human life, please just #wearadamnmask”.

Aniston is not the first celebrity to be swept into the vaccine debate, with Offspring drummer Pete Parada this week announcing he would no longer be allowed tour with the band because had refused a vaccine, even though he had a medical excuse for not getting the injection.

It’s not certain whether Parada will ever be allowed to rejoin the band, and, with a replacement already found, it seems he could be in cold storage for a long time.

“Since I am unable to comply with what is increasingly becoming an industry mandate, it has recently been decided that I am unsafe to be around, in the studio, and on tour,” Parada wrote in an Instagram post.

“I mention this because you won’t be seeing me at these upcoming shows. I also want to share my story so that anyone else experiencing the agony and isolation of getting left behind right now knows they’re not entirely alone.”

His long struggle with Guillain-Barré Syndrome is reported to be the main reason he refuses to take a vaccine, but the drummer also condemned what he called vaccine “coercion” by health authorities.

“Given my personal medical history and the side-effect profile of these jabs, my doctor has advised me not to get a shot at this time. I caught the virus over a year ago, it was mild for me — so I am confident I’d be able to handle it again, but I’m not so certain I’d survive another post-vaccination round of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which dates back to my childhood and has evolved to be progressively worse over my lifetime,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately for me (and my family — who is hoping to keep me around a bit longer) the risks far outweigh the benefits.

“While my reason for not getting this jab is medical, I want to make sure I’m not carving out a space that is only big enough for me. I need to state, unequivocally, that I support informed consent — which necessitates choice unburdened by coercion.

“I do not find it ethical or wise to allow those with the most power (government, corporations, organizations, employers) to dictate medical procedures to those with the least power.

“There are countless folks (like me) for whom these shots carry a greater risk than the virus.”

Parada said he will now fill his time by making music with his daughter, and insisted he holds no animosity towards his bandmates.

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