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ISME: Irish school graduates unable to perform “simple tasks”

A body representing Irish businesses has claimed that many Irish Leaving Cert graduates are unable to perform “simple tasks,” and cannot write a paragraph of text without making significant grammar and spelling errors.

The remarks were made this week by the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association (ISME) while speaking to the Oireachtas Education Committee about Leaving Cert reform.

Chief executive of ISME, Neil McDonnell, claimed that his organisation and its member businesses had observed “basic failings among graduate-level recruits in accomplishing such relatively simple tasks.”

McDonnell asserted that many graduates are unable to write even a paragraph of text without making spelling and grammar errors.

He added that many essential skills, such as clear communication and teamwork, were being neglected by the current curriculum, and that senior cycle should be more geared towards teaching students skills they will need in a modern economy.

McDonnell also criticised Ireland’s “determination to open ever more universities,” which he said was being done at the expense of more technical education, such as STEM.


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