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Irish Medical System Struggles to Cope With Floods of Immigration

It has been reported by the Irish Examiner that GPs are struggling to cope as large numbers of migrants continue to flood into the country: 

Speaking at the Irish Medical Organization (IMO) annual conference, Public Health Lead for the HSE’s Social Inclusion and Vulnerable Groups initiative, Dr. Margaret Fitzgerald, is reported to have said that “There are 3,000 refugees in Clare.” She continued by saying that GPs in Clare “are under incredible pressure” because “there aren’t that many” of them.

Earlier today Independent.ie published a shocking compilation of hospital waiting lists in major Irish hospitals. The list reveals that hospitals in counties surrounding Co. Clare have waiting lists in their tens of thousands with 51,019 for Galway University Hospital(the highest number in the country), 40,300 for Limerick University Hospital and 11,934 patients waiting to be seen at Tullamore Hospital.

An Irish mother took to Twitter to reveal how her 13 year old daughter, who she says is suffering from “nosebleeds and dizziness” was advised that her wait time to be seen in The Midlands Regional Hospital  is 249 weeks, or 4.7 years.


The situation is such that The Irish Times reported junior doctors are expected to strike with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly saying that the conditions they are working under are unacceptable, and fall below “dignity and respect”.

It was separately reported by The Irish Times that cramped short-term accommodation for Ukrainian refugees has led to outbreaks of Covid19, while TheTimes newspaper reported that west coast towns are asking for help as swells of refugees have “doubled their population”.

Breitbart reported CSO figures which reveal that over 33,000 PPS numbers have been issued to “migrants ostensibly coming from Ukraine as of May 22” this year.

A French politician has alleged that  economic migrants are taking advantage of ‘refugee routes’.

Le Monde reported French MEP Nicholas Bay as saying,  [T]oday a third of the refugees who pass through Ukraine who do not come from Ukraine, but… come from sub-Saharan Africa in particular… [they] use this new migratory route to come to Europe,”.

“There are those who come for economic reasons, who weigh down our public accounts and our social accounts, and the Ukrainians towards whom we have a duty of European solidarity, of course,” he said.

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