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Irish Greyhound board: Don’t worry everyone, we love dogs now.

Well, I suppose this had to happen, didn’t it? It turns out the public don’t much like it when thousands of greyhounds are sent to China to be stewed up in pots and eaten or are taken out and shot for not being fast enough. We’re a very compassionate country, you see, and the Greyhound Industry was decidedly off-brand in that documentary that, let’s face it, most of the public has already forgotten about.

And so:

The target for the Care Fund in the first year is to provide a ring-fenced sum of €1 million solely dedicated to care and welfare initiatives for the racing greyhound. Based on 2019 budget and activity levels, the funding will accrue from the following sources:

• Attendance income and Restaurant packages – 10% of all admissions and restaurant packages will be assigned to the Care Fund. (€400k)
• Tote income – 5% of net tote income will be assigned to the Care Fund. (€300k)
• Sponsorship income – The IGB will engage with sponsors with a view to up to 50% of existing sponsorship being assigned directly to the Care Fund. It is estimated that this will yield €300,000 on the basis of existing sponsorship agreements. Prize money associated with existing sponsorship arrangements will be maintained at current levels.

The above will require adjustments to IGB’s current expenditure and to various cost centres to compensate for the redistribution of income.

The separate Care Fund arrangements for patrons will be brought into effect from 1st November 2019.

Separately, the Irish Greyhound Board is announcing a scheme to provide funding for the treatment of greyhounds which have been injured at IGB licenced stadia. The introduction of the “Injuries at Tracks Recovery Scheme” is open to all owners and trainers who have incurred veterinary costs in the treatment of greyhounds to repair a career-ending orthopaedic (bone) injury sustained at an IGB licenced stadium.

Welcome news for dog-lovers like me. Isn’t it wonderful what a little bit of bad PR can do, all the same?

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