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Irish government’s new free speech czar supports censorship laws

The Irish government has appointed Katherine Zappone to a new taxpayer-funded role as free speech ambassador to the UN – despite the fact that Zappone supports social media censorship and has backed so-called “hate speech” laws.

They’re clearly just trolling us at this stage.

Zappone, who was a TD and government minister, but lost her seat at the last general election in 2020, has been appointed to a brand new taxpayer-funded position entitled “Special Envoy for Freedom Of Opinion and Expression.”

Now, let’s put aside for a moment the obvious cronyism of this.

Fine Gael has a long history of waiting until one of their political friends or colleagues loses his or her seat in a fair election, before rewarding them with yet another taxpayer-funded job as a consolation prize. Think Regina Doherty losing her Dáil seat, and then being appointed as the leader of the Seanad – a Seanad that she had campaigned to abolish less than a decade ago.

Even when the people tell one of these politicians to take a hike, they inevitably find a way to end up back on the public teat one way or another.

But that’s neither here nor there. The real story here is the fact that Ireland’s new “Envoy for Freedom Of Opinion and Expression” supports social media censorship, and has signaled her approval for more expansive hate speech legislation in the past.

“At its worst social media may be used to disseminate messages of hate widely and rapidly,” she once wrote.

“To deal with this, governments have a duty to put in place effective legislative and regulatory frameworks.

“For their part, media platforms and tech companies must also must take responsibility for preventing the distribution of, and removing material, that is homophobic and inflammatory.”

Note that social media sites should remove content that is “inflammatory” – not even necessarily “hateful” content. Just controversial words that stir the pot.

In fact, combating “online hate speech” and “disinformation” are actually part of the job description.

Zappone being appointed to this role is about as absurd as when she was Minister for Children while campaigning for abortion. Stop and let that sink in for a moment.

Abortionists are ministers for children, censors are free speech authorities, people who campaign against total government lockdown and control of society are fascists – up is down, black is white, night is day. The government are all about inversion of reality. Orwell’s 1984 is an instruction manual to these people.

So how exactly does Zappone define “hate”? Well, this is a woman who constantly asserts her desire to combat “transphobia” and promote “gender fluid” and “non-binary” lifestyles and identities.

As she once said in an Irish Times opinion piece:

“This is what we as legislators must do – step forward and embrace the realities of transgender (trans) people’s lives…Our laws must not be numb and insensitive to lives that traditional values frown on and silently reject, often with disgust (known as transphobia).”

So apparently if you “silently reject” or are weirded out by the idea of transgenderism, that’s an example of “bullying,” “insensitivity,” and you have a mental disorder, namely a “phobia,” – presumably a hateful one – that needs to be tackled.

Saying something along the lines of “men can’t get pregnant” would no doubt be considered a hateful remark.

Which brings us to the eternal (and what should be patently obvious) issue with hate speech laws: who defines what is hateful? And the answer is always the same: politicians.

And what do politicians think is hateful? Well, anything they hate.

They call to outright ban protests they don’t like with little to no justification.

They call to “marginalise” views they disagree with.

They call for social media to censor what they deem to be “disinformation” or “far-right” (i.e. anything they disagree with or anyone who opposes them).

They are intolerant authoritarians who leave zero room for dissent or disagreement on any issue. For them to even utter the words “freedom of opinion,” let alone create a role for it, is a slap in the face to truly civic-minded everywhere.

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