Coronation Street star Kerri Quinn has told the Belfast Telegraph of her “pride at representing the pro-life community” in an upcoming TV drama from the BBC. 

The Belfast actor, best known for her role as Vicky Jefferies on Coronation Street, will be seen in the role of a committed pro-life activist in the drama The Awakening which looks at the recent events surrounding the imposition of abortion on the north of Ireland by the UK Parliament.

Sinn Féin approved the changes despite the party being founded on the principle of resisting rule from Britain, as did the SDLP.

Ms Quinn will play a pro-lifer and says “I was delighted about [it] because my whole family are pro-life, so it was a role I really wanted to portray and portray properly.”

She said the subject is an important one to her and to her family as her parents sadly lost her brother Kevin, who had a hole in his heart, at just three years of age.

“It’s a topic I don’t really discuss that often because I have a lot of friends who have a very different view. It’s not that we would argue but we have differing views so we shall remain friends and not discuss it because there’s no point.

“They have one view and I have another which is okay, that’s life, it’s one of those things. I based the character very much on my mum who comes at it from a very different angle having lost a child.

“I think that definitely impacts on how you feel about it. I think that’s why I believe that life is absolutely precious, I really do, because I have watched friends and family lose children.

“My mum and dad lost my brother Kevin when he was three and I think life experience plays a massive part in the matter. My mum is the most influential person in my life so I wanted to represent the pro life community as I know it.

“It was great to have the opportunity to represent that point of view and represent it well,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.

The actress, who has a young daughter, said: “It’s obviously going to provoke a reaction from both sides and but I was thrilled to be a representative of the pro-life community.