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Ireland taking twice as many Ukrainian refugees as France, USA

Ireland is planning to take twice as many Ukrainian refugees than France and the United States, despite those countries having populations – and economies – orders of magnitude larger than Ireland’s.

The most recent estimate from the Irish Government is that Ireland may accommodate 200,000 displaced Ukrainians, as the war in that country shows no immediate signs of abating.

The French interior minister, Gèrald Darmanin, by contrast, has announced that his country could potentially be accepting as few as 100,000 Ukrainian refugees compared to Ireland’s 200,000. This is despite the French population being almost 13 times larger than Ireland’s.

This figure was reiterated yesterday by French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

Additionally, US president Joe Biden has declared that America will be taking in 100,000 refugees from the conflict as well.

America has a population of 329.5 million – around 66 times greater than Ireland.

Britain, with a population of 67.2 million (13 times that of Ireland), has given 12,400 Ukrainian refugees permission to enter the country.

While Germany has taken in 239,000 refugees so far, this is equivalent to 0.2% of their 83.2 million population. Comparatively, Ireland’s 200,000 amounts to 4% of our population – meaning the impact will be 20 times greater on Ireland proportionally.

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