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In the UK, the Government is to ban sex-changes for children

In a welcome move, the Government has announced that this summer it will set out details of its plans to ban under-18s from undergoing sex-changes, with equalities minister Liz Truss saying that the development was about ensuring that under-18s were ‘“protected from decisions that they could make, that are irreversible in the future”’; she insisted: ‘“I believe strongly that adults should have the freedom to lead their lives as they see fit, but I think it’s very important that while people are still developing their decision-making capabilities that we protect them from making those irreversible decisions”’; despite making these pertinent points, predictably, Ms Truss was criticised by the ‘trans’ lobby, with a ‘spokesman’ from Mermaids, ‘a charity which supports transgender children’, commenting: “‘We believe that transgender young people should have the same right to make important personal decisions as non-trans people.

It would be an extraordinary move for the minister for women and equalities to support the introduction of a new form of inequality into British medical practice, by effectively treating transgender teenagers as less capable than their cisgender peers’” (‘Children to be banned from having gender reassignment’, Telegraph, April 23, 2020).

However, being male or female is not a disease, nor is it ‘just one colour in the rainbow of sexuality’; it does not require medical treatment – especially medical treatment that involves surgically removing perfectly healthy reproductive organs and prescribing opposite-sex hormones for life. It is significant that advocates of under-age autonomy do not support the idea of young people having a say in parental break-up, which arguably is far more detrimental to their health than being a boy or a girl. The fact that ‘trans’ campaigners would allow children to rush into irreversible life-changing medical interventions suggests they fear an even more dangerous change – a change of mind – which is likely to happen if they are allowed to go through puberty in the normal way.

The Government should be commended for taking this first step back to sanity, but it must also be asked why they are continuing with their new sex education programme, which includes teaching about ‘trans’ issues and telling young children that they might have been ‘born into the wrong body’. Many have objected to ‘trans’ indoctrination, arguing that children who feel they may have been ‘born into the wrong body’ are actually gay – but also that they should be allowed to express it. But why encourage them to embrace any harmful and self-harming lifestyle before they are old enough to assess the pros and cons for themselves? Children are not allowed to give their consent to being sterilised, which is exactly the outcome from ‘trans treatment’. The ‘let them do what they want’ approach does not extend to allowing them to veto parental break-up, but neither does it apply to smoking ‘if they want to’ – for health reasons, naturally.


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