Illegal migrants still being allowed to stay in Ireland

Illegal migrants who lack permission to stay in the State are still being granted pathways to remain within Ireland, Gript can reveal – even months after the government’s “undocumented regularisation” scheme supposedly ended.

Last year, the government unveiled the Regularisation of Long-Term Undocumented Migrants Scheme, which offered migrants who were resident in the State under the radar of authorities a pathway to remain in the country legally.

The scheme ran from January to July of 2022, and was a blanket offer to an estimated 17,000 illegal migrants in Ireland, based on certain criteria (such as being of “good character”).

While this amnesty scheme was supposedly offered to as many as 17,000 undocumented individuals, Gript previously revealed that the Department of Justice does not have “any official data on the number of undocumented people in the State,” and this figure could in fact be far higher.

It was described by both then-Justice Minister Helen McEntee, and current Justice Minister Simon Harris as a “once-in-a-generation” scheme, and was availed of by thousands of individuals, concluding at the end of July of last year.

However, last Wednesday, during a parliamentary question to Justice Minister Simon Harris, Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan inquired about the processing of an unnamed person’s “application.”

Harris replied that his Department has “no record of having received an immigration application or any other documentation on behalf of the person referred to.” However, he added that if someone is resident within the State without permission, they can “regularise” their status by engaging with authorities.

“If the person referred to is in the State without an immigration permission, they must engage with the authorities if they wish to be permitted to remain here legally,” Harris said.

“Therefore, I would encourage them to contact the Immigration Service of my Department or their local immigration office and to take all appropriate steps to regularise their status.”

Following on from this, Gript asked the Department of Justice if there is still a means in place for undocumented migrants to “regularise” their situation even after the Regularisation of Long Term Undocumented Migrant Scheme had ended.

A Department spokesman replied that those who did not meet the criteria for the so-called “Undocumented Scheme,” or who did not apply for it, are encouraged to contact the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) or their local immigration office to “regularise their status.”

“Any application submitted should explain their current circumstances and future intentions in the State and provide any documentation they feel will support their application,” the spokesman said.

“In all cases, people must engage with the authorities if they wish to be permitted to remain here legally. Each case of an undocumented or illegal person in the State is examined on a case-by-case basis and the Department has consistently urged anyone in this position to come forward if they wish to apply to regularise their position in the State.”



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