‘I’ll worry when banks refuse mortgages on beach front property’: Twitter responds to Climate Change

‘sea level rise of 28cm by end of century’

It is perhaps needless to say that times are tough, we are facing a cold and uncertain winter with the value of our largely stagnant wages being eaten into by rising inflation. 

Luckily for the Irish people, we can always rely on our national broadcaster to cheer us up in times like these, and true to that RTÉ is highlighting an art installation about how the sea is going to devour large parts of Galway due to, you guessed it, climate change.

This show will use LED lights to “ indicate a projected rise in sea levels as a result of storms”, and is aimed at “promoting conversations about climate change”,  because it’s not like they harp on about that very subject at nauseam already. 

Revellers can enjoy baseless predictions on how many Galway residents could be made homeless or drown in the thought provoking light show to be displayed on landmarks.  

“The data predicts a global sea level rise of 28cm to 1.01m depending on the emissions scenario by the end of the century.” says the article. 

With claims that, “Since sea levels were first measured in Galway in 1842, they have risen 25-30cm.”

Unfortunately for RTÉ and the ‘Doom Town Rats’ et al, a lot of Irish thought criminals on Twitter aren’t buying it. 




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