Hunter Biden’s laptop, the cover-up, and what to expect now

Those of you who followed Gript will have been aware of one of the Dogs That Did Not Bark of the American Presidential election campaign of 2020. Or rather, the dog that barked but which the mass media including the Irish section of the Democratic Party press office, chose to ignore.

This was the revelation by the New York Post, one of the oldest and best known newspapers in the United States, that a laptop belonging to Joe Biden’s son Hunter had been found to contain evidence that would at the very least have made him open to being blackmailed. Twitter had suspended the Post’s account and successful efforts to suppress the information undoubtedly played a key role in the election campaign.

Biden Makes Bizarre Comment About ‘Naked’ Blackmail That Has Everyone Talking – RedState

That aspect of the videos has again come to light following a bizarre reference during a White House press conference on Wednesday by Joe Biden to the theoretical dangers and means by which such compromising material might happen to be discovered or created.

This was a clear but indirect reference to the fact that the New York Times, which had been one of those mainstream media outlets which had suppressed the original story, was about to publish on Wednesday evening a story which confirmed the original New York Post piece. Namely, that the laptop that had been handed over to the FBI in 2019 by a Delaware computer repair shop was genuine.

Since then, the FBI have – contrary to the claim that the laptop was part of some “Russian disinformation” campaign – investigated emails concerning a Ukrainian gas company Burisma of which Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors. There were also other references to apparent attempts by Hunter Biden to use his father’s connections for business purposes.

As was seemingly authenticated by one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners Tony Bobulinski who had also claimed that he had heard the two Bidens discussing business deals on an AirForce 2 flight to China in 2017. That a concerned a $1.5 billion contract with a Chinese state energy company CEFC.

In a statement to the New York Post that was published on October 22, 2020, Bobulinksi had stated:

The allegedly sexually explicit content of some of what is apparently on the laptop may raise other legal concerns and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that – particularly given Joe Biden’s strange allusion – that this rather than the more serious political and international implications of whatever Hunter Biden was at may become the focus of attention assuming the media does not once again supress all of this.

Not surprisingly, the New York Post has trumpeted the volte face by its city rival. In an editorial published on St. Patrick’s Day, the Post lambasted the pro Democrat Times, mocking its claim to have recently “obtained” information which the Post had published in 2020.

Most significantly, the New York Post draws attention to the fact that a meeting between Joe Biden and an official from Burisma had most likely taken place as had been reported by the Post, and as was referred to in the emails.

The New York Post take on all of this is blunt. It states that the evidence from the laptop show that “Hunter Biden’s business interests benefitted from Joe Biden’s political status to a suspicious degree.”

The Times finally admits Hunter Biden’s laptop is real (

What makes all of this currently relevant is that one of the companies at the heart of the Biden business dealings is Ukrainian. That, and the fact that the suppression of the laptop story, and the Democrat attempt to smear President Trump, played a key part in ensuring that the world is now facing a crisis unprecedented in two generations with what some would claim is at the very least an incompetent, if not compromised, Commander in Chief at the head of the major western power.

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