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HSE wants to make supermarket meal deals “illegal”

Amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, the HSE wants to make supermarket meal deals “illegal” and is considering minimum pricing on high calorie foods.

According to a new HSE report, the moves may be necessary to tackle obesity after the World Health Organisation ranked Ireland as one of the top ten most obese countries in the world, with 65% of Irish people being classed as overweight.

The HSE’s clinical lead on obesity, Dr. Donal O’Shea, has called specifically for meal deals at supermarkets and petrol stations to be made illegal to tackle the issue, saying the country is at a “tipping point.”

“Literally, that should be illegal,” he said.

“The industry has the statistics and they know how to prompt and promote consumption,” he explained.

“Those buy one get one free offers are always around the high fat, high salt, high sugar stuff, never around fruit.”

However, some were critical of the proposal, including Independent Cork Councillor Ken O’Flynn.

“I think it might be a better idea if HSE got It’s own house in order before they start telling us, what we can and can’t do,” he said.

“I honestly feel that the state has become more of a big brother state then anywhere else in Europe.”

Commenting on the story, one Facebook user said “they should tend to the waiting lists.”

Another said “First of all it was minimum pricing on alcohol a tax on sugar drinks etc. Now they want to tell people what to eat.”


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