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HSE CEO clarifies remarks after incorrectly claiming 600,000 people have been vaccinated.

HSE CEO Paul Reid has issued a correction after having incorrectly claimed that 600,000 “of the most vulnerable” had been vaccinated. The correct figure, as of the last day of publicly available data we have available to us, is 409,662.

It would appear that Mr Reid mistook the total number of vaccine doses administered for the number of people vaccinated. As of Wednesday the 10th, the last day we have data for, 570,391 vaccine doses have been administered, and it is possible that number has, as of today, hit 600,000. But 162,729 of those were second doses, which rather obviously go to those who have already had first doses rather than new people. Mr Reid’s initial claim was therefore incorrect by a rather substantial margin.

There is a three-day delay in the public release of vaccination data, and Mr Reid likely has access to more up to date information, but in order for his initial claim to have been correct 190,338 first doses would have had to be administered over the previous 2 days. The average number of doses administered per day, over the last seven days, has been 12,811.

If it is correct that we have only hit 600,000 total doses administered as of close of business Friday or earlier this morning it would appear likely that we will miss this week’s target of administering 84,000 doses of vaccine. This would be the fourth consecutive week we have missed our vaccination target.


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