House of Lords “discussed foxhunting for 120 hours, and abortion of Irish babies for 20 mins”

Dr Anne McCloskey says on-demand abortion legal with support of SF and SDLP

Dr Anne McCloskey has said that the “House of Lords had discussed foxhunting for 120 hours, and the abortion of Irish babies for just 20 minutes”. She also accused Amnesty of acting as “paid agitators” who were exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic to push for roll-out of abortion services.

The Deputy leader of Aontú, who is a GP and Cllr for Derry, said she and many others were heart-broken at the imposition of a radical abortion law on the north of Ireland by the British Parliament in Westminster.

She also pointed out that the law could not have come into being without the support of parties such as Sinn Féin and the SDLP.

Speaking to Radio Ulster, Dr McCloskey said that the views of ordinary people had been ignored, and that the imposition of abortion had exposed “the impotence and the dysfunctionality of Stormont” but also the “powerlessness” of ordinary people, because ordinary people had repeatedly said they opposed the abortion law.


“There was a public consultation and we know that of 21,000 responses, almost 80% were against a change in the law,” she said.

“We know that .. in every abortion, a human child – where we all started, where everyone of us started our life’s journey – dies. And we know that evidence is accumulating day upon day that mothers do badly: they do badly physically, mentally, socially as a result of this, not in every case obviously but this is not a neutral procedures.”

Dr McCloskey described abortion campaigners such as Amnesty International as “paid agitators” pushing for abortion.

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