For those just landed from Mars, us women have a cervix – which is the lowest part of the uterus in the reproductive system of human females. 

Again, in case you’re just meeting Earthlings for the first time, human females are women and having a cervix is part of what makes you a woman. This biological reality is being turned upside down in a relentless campaign being wielded by a tiny minority which is effectively erasing women’s identity – and sometimes our safety.

Now our health service has jumped on this insidious bandwagon. Without consulting the 51% of the country who are, in fact, women, they’ve downgraded us, replacing the word woman on their website to ‘anyone with a cervix’.

In fact, the HSE, in deciding that the word ‘woman’ isn’t inclusive enough, have scrubbed us women entirely from their website information  on cervical cancer screening.  The only mention of women at all on the webpage is a link to “read more about trans women and screening”.

According to the Irish Times one woman complained that the removal of any reference to women would make women’s health information “harder to access and harder to understand”.  “She said that while she was ‘all for’  the inclusion of trans people in the HSE’s information pages, the removal of references to ‘women’ was an ‘over-correction'” Paul Cullen reported.

The decision taken to completely scrub all references to women from a webpage published by a State body purporting to inform women about a critical aspect of their healthcare, is significant. It’s argued that people born female and who transition to male are a tiny proportion of the population, and, being a vulnerable minority, deserve support and protection. But that would have been served by including a section on ‘trans men’ and continuing to address women correctly instead of describing us as ‘anyone with a cervix’.

Instead us women were downgraded to being described as ‘anyone with a cervix’.

The worst aspects of gender theory are now being forced down our necks by the State who, according, to the HSE are taking advice from the WHO in their bid to use “gender neutral language” as much as possible.

In other words, the HSE is trying to force all women to submit to the ludicrous theory which claims that biology – your chromosomes and your genitals – don’t determine your gender, and that, in fact, a person can choose to be a man one day and a woman the next.

The risks for women are obvious: any biological males who say that they self-identify as females would then be legally entitled to enter spaces which are, by necessity, segregated by sex, such as shelters for women fleeing domestic violence, public bathrooms or women’s prisons. (There have been numerous reports of women prisoners and even female prison guards being raped by trans women inmates, who were still biologically male, in women’s prisons.)

Yet women who speak out this are subject to a torrent of abuse.

The woman in the Irish Times piece identified only as “a member of the public”, likely because women have learned what happens when they speak out against the attempt to erase biological reality – and women with it.

Women like Maya Forstater, a tax specialist who was fired because she tweeted that sex is determined by biology; or Sasha White, a New York literary agency assistant also fired for simply retweeting an opinion on the same issue; or Professor Kathleen Stock who faces relentless hatred and calls for her dismissal because of her views on gender identification;  or one of the many women hounded, attacked and threatened on social media by transgender mobs and their allies, before, incredibly, the same women are then banned by Twitter.

The absolutely bizarre thing about all of this, of course, is that these women hold views which are entirely uncontroversial to most ordinary people who aren’t bonkers enough to believe that gender “is a social construct” but who don’t want to get fired or chased by a Twitter mob.

The most well-known example, is of course JK Rowling, who believes that a woman who wishes to become a man or vice versa has every right to do so, but who also asserts that sex is determined by biology. A never-ending storm of controversy and hatred – driven by the mainstream media who repeatedly and falsely describe her as transphobic – descended on the author after she queried the global development group Devex for using the phrase ‘people who menstruate.’

‘”People who menstruate.” I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?’ she tweeted, and now the campaign against her has become so vicious that transgender extremists are causing #JKRowlingRIP to trend, while the media stays schtum as hordes of (mostly biologically born) men wish a woman dead for daring to have her own opinion.

Rowling is not for turning, however, and continues to make the point that erasing women, and pretending that gender is fluid and can be changed as often as your clothes, endangers women in a real and tangible way.