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Healy-Rae: Families will be left chosing between heating house or driving car

Michael Healy-Rae TD is calling on the government to postpone planned petrol and diesel excise duty rate hikes due for September and October as it will leave families hard pressed in the build up to winter in many cases having to choose to either heat the house or fill the car with fuel.

“People have already seen the planned increase take affect over the last number of months with the restoration of excise duty rates but from September 1st, excise duty rates will increase by 7c for petrol and 5c for diesel with the Government fully restoring the rates on October 31st, with a final increase of 8c for petrol and 6c for diesel. It will drive prices at the pump once again to an unattainable level for many families not alone in low-income families but also for middle income families,” the Kerry TD stated

“Families will be left having to decide ‘do we heat the house or fill the tank to drive the car to work’.

In March 2022 the Government announced a temporary reduction in the excise duties on petrol and diesel as part of cost-of-living measures. The duty was reduced by 20c per litre of petrol and 15c per litre of diesel.

“Nobody is saying that these measures did not have positive affects at the time but these measures were meant to help with the cost of living crisis. A year on and little has improved for people with who are still experiencing significant increases in housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels along with massive transport costs. Add to these an increase in mortgage rates and you would wonder how anyone can live in this country

Deputy Healy-Rae TD called on the government to ensure proper choices are made in the upcoming budget that will put low and middle income earners to the fore and to postpone any further petrol and diesel excise rate hikes until a more balanced cost of living package is put in place.

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