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Healy-Rae dubs carbon footprint labelling for food a “lunatic” idea

“You could not make it up,” Danny Healy-Rae TD said on the Labour Party’s proposed carbon footprint labelling on food, dubbing the idea a “lunatic” proposal.

The comments were made yesterday in the Dáil during a debate on the policy and Ireland’s carbon emissions.

“As I look around me, I see a few people who I know are sane,” said Healy-Rae.

“But this House is the most lunatic place in the world at the present time. This is a good piece of blackguarding, to try to get people to pay more for their produce and to try to get producers to get involved in intricate actions to try to account for their carbon footprint.

“At the same time, this Government cannot put a process in place to measure the carbon that farmers are sequestering. The Government has said that this will not happen until 2027 but now we are being told that we need a carbon footprint label for the products on the shelves, including information on how they got there. It is totally and absolutely unfair.”


The Kerry deputy went on to ask what the carbon footprint of imported peat from Germany and Latvia is, and accused Sinn Féin of playing both sides of the issue.

“Now we have this Labour Party bill, which is supported by Sinn Féin,” he said.

“Some Sinn Féin Deputies say they will vote in favour of the Bill but then they are critical of its contents. As Tom Mike from Kilgarvan would say, if you try to sit on two stools, you will fall down between them. That is what will happen to the Sinn Féin deputies if they carry on with this. They cannot fool the people by trying to carry the two sides of the road.”


Healy-Rae said that while Ireland is producing the most economical and safe food and agricultural produce in the world, “the Labour Party is trying to suggest that we put more expense on the consumer and more work on the producer.”

This resulted in Labour TD Ivana Bacik interrupting to say Healy-Rae’s comments were ludicrous, and acting chairwoman Sinn Féin TD Kathleen Funchion informed Healy-Rae he had gone over time.

“[Labour] are trying to blackguard the people again,” said Healy-Rae despite their objections.

“They did from 2011 to 2016. They made a right job of it when they cut the pensions on the women. They took away the death grant as well. When they could not get it from the living, they got it from the dead. They tried to get it from them as well.”

Deputy Bacik simply replied that this was “rubbish.”

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