Green Party leader defends his repeated international flights

“We have to change the system”: Irish Green Party leader Eamon Ryan defends his large number of carbon-intensive international flights, despite his own repeated warnings about climate change, after his press officer attempted to interrupt the question by Ben Scallan.



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David Sheridan
12 days ago

Climate change is a sham… is a means of seizing global control.

Nicholas Grimes
12 days ago


11 days ago

Nice one Ben, I don’t have the words to express the feeling that I have towards every chancer in the Green Party. I hope the next election finishes them completely.

Gavin smartt
11 days ago

Why does he never get questioned about the simple stupid stuff that he has done. How would he answer a question about how people in cities and big towns are spending more time in there cars since he took half the roads for bicycles that don’t exist. Just take a look at all the arteries in and out of Dublin. They are clogged with traffic going nowhere. Is this meant to be good for air quality? Would Mr Ryan have an answer? Does he choose the questions he is being asked by our mute media? Would he able to state facts on how it’s better to bring beef and wood chip and peat half way around the world than it is to harvest it here in ireland? I don’t think he can, why? Because its not possible to defend these decisions and a primary school kid could do the math and see it for what it is, a freekn con job of the highest magnitude. Please if any of Mr Ryan’s followers are reading this ,enlighten me as to how these decisions make things better.

8 days ago

Climatard – a person who believes the earths climate can be changed by paying a C02 tax to the Government
#Climatard #Ireland

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