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Girl (4) in wheelchair told she should have been ‘aborted’, ‘drain on society’

A wheelchair-bound four-year-old girl is said to be traumatised after being screamed at by a man on her way to school and told she “shouldn’t have been born.”

Quinn Ross was with her mother Emma (32) and brother Alex (10) when the man reportedly yelled in her face saying she was “a drain on the NHS, a drain on society” and that her mother “should have had her aborted.”

Quinn’s school in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire called the police when the family arrived. Police Constable Terasa Holden said:

No one should worry about leaving home and facing abuse, particularly a little girl who is in too much pain to walk to school because of a rare medical condition. My colleagues and I have worked to support Quinn and her family and hope other people will come forward and report this kind of crime. We want people to know that we take all reports of hate crime very seriously and will always investigate.

Quinn suffers from a rare condition called Perthes’ disease, which means she can only walk a few steps before the pain in her hip bone becomes unbearable. It is hoped she will improve over time, but Quinn has already told her mother she no longer wants to be seen in her wheelchair.

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