Ghost Stories of Ireland: National Museum of Ireland Seeks Spooky Submissions.

Ghost stories are a common theme in Irish folklore

The National Museum of Ireland is inviting anyone with scary stories about Ireland to submit them as part of a project to gather spooky stories from around the country. 

The Irish Community Network Archive (iCAN) has launched the project called Ghost Stories of Ireland in an attempt to record and preserve some of our most chilling tales. 

“Ghost stories and encounters with otherworldly beings are a common theme in Irish folklore,” explained Lorna Elms, iCAN Development Officer, “so this Hallowe’en we are inviting the public to help us document those stories that continue to be told and to help us find out which county in Ireland is the spookiest!”

“Stories passed down through oral tradition give us a greater understanding of how our ancestors’ perceived and explained the world around them, which is why the Irish Folklore Commission was set up in 1935 to collect and study the folklore and traditions of Ireland. Much of this work continues to be carried out by local volunteer History and Heritage groups, such as those supported by the iCAN initiative.”

The National Museum of Ireland says that, “As well as recording ghost stories, the project aims to revisit the ghost stories gathered by schoolchildren for the Irish Folklore Commission in the 1930s. The Commission prepared a guidance booklet that listed 55 subject headings – topics that the children could explore with older people in the community.”

Anyone wishing to submit a ghostly tale or two can find more information on ​​ ouririshheritage.org or www.museum.ie 



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