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Germany:Author who says Children can Consent to sex on board of LGBT Kindergarten

“Even with a four-year-old something can happen,”

Controversial German author Rüdiger Lautmann who wrote a book entitled  “The Lust for Children: A Portrait of Pedophiles.” is reported to be a member of a three person board overseeing a project that will include new LGBT focused kindergartens in Berlin, Germany. 

The Kindergarten is aimed at teaching small children about LGBT and its development was announced as pat of a new project by Berlin based gay counselling body Berliner Schwulenberatung. 

Reduxx reports the LGBT rights group is planning to open two daycare centres as part of of the protect which aims to provide “multigenerational housing for homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and intersex (LGBTI*)” people”. 

The report continues with a statement from the the organisation behind the development which says,  “Many schools and daycare centers still struggle to educate when it comes to homosexuality, transsexuality, and intersex with respect with children,” the daycare’s about page reads, “We want to change that now.”

It continues: “The topic of LGBTI* is not a subject that is only for adults. Everyone is responsible for one’s own identity, own wishes and ideas about life, love, friendship and partnership, even the smallest among us.”

In his book Lautmann (86), who is a former professor of sociology at the German University of ​​Bremen, wrote that paedophilia is a sexual orientation and that children as young as four are capable of consenting to sexual encounters with adults. 

“Even with a four-year-old something can happen,” Lautmann writes, “The pedophile, of course, wants his penis to be stimulated manually or orally. Only rarely will the children comply with this.”

The book focuses on the stories of 60 paedophiles who admit to having sexually abused children, mostly boys, a list of the chapter headings of the book can be seen here


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